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King Lear Essay - 1056 Words

The Islamic Empires nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In early modern history, there were three major Islamic empires that became prominent. The Ottoman Empire, the Safavid Empire, and the Mughals. We will descuss the Development of these empires by listing their similarities and differences, and their political, social and cultural backgrounds. Next, we will get into the three empires reign of power and also give a discription of some of the great leaders of these empires and their legacy. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;All of these Islamic Empires had Turkish ruling dynasties. The Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals came from nomadic, Turkish-speaking peoples of the central Asia who conquered the settled agricultural lands of Anatolia, Persia†¦show more content†¦Sulayman the Magnificent also expanded the Ottoman territory under his rule dramatically by conquering Baghdad and adding the Tigris and Euphrates valleys to the Ottoman domain. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Safavid empire was first ruled by Shah Ismail, a 14 year old boy. He gained control of the empire by entering Tabriz at the head of an army and laying claim to the ancient Persian imperial title of the shah. The Safavids traced their ancestry back to Safi al Din, leader of a sufi religious order in northwestern Persia. Shah Ismail also decided for the religion of the Safavid empire to be Twelver Shiism . Twelver Shiism held that there had been twelve infallible imams ( or religious leaders) after Muhammad, beginning with the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law Ali. The belief was that the twelfth or â€Å"hidden† iman would one day return to take power and spread his true religion. Safavid propaganda suggested that Shah Ismail was himself the missing imam, or even the reincarnation of Allah. Shah Ismail’s followers believed that he had the power to keep them safe in battle. In the Battle of Chaldiran, Ismail’s forces attacked heavi ly the lines of the Ottoman empire and suffered devastating casualties. Shah Abbas the Great fully revived the Safavid Empire by moving the capital to a more centralized location and he encouraged trade with other lands. He also reformed the administrative and military institutions of the empire. Shah Abbas led the Safavids to numerousShow MoreRelated Shakespeares King Lear - The Redemption of King Lear Essay746 Words   |  3 PagesThe Redemption of King Lear It is said that no other playwright illustrates the human condition like William Shakespeare. Furthermore, it is said that no other play illustrates the human condition like King Lear. The story of a bad king who becomes a good man is truly one of the deepest analyses of humanity in literary history; and it can be best seen through the evolution of Lear himself. In essence, King Lear goes through hell in order to compensate for his sins. LearsRead More King Lear Essay1229 Words   |  5 PagesKing Lear Every situation in life has an appearance, and a reality. The appearance of a situation is usually what we want to see. The reality, what is really going on, is not always as obvious to the observer. People who cannot penetrate through the superficial appearance of a situation will see only what they want to believe is true; often, the reality of a situation is unappealing to the perceiver. These are the circumstances surrounding the conflict that occurs in William ShakespearesRead MoreThe Tragedy Of King Lear1347 Words   |  6 PagesThe Tragedy of King Lear: William Shakespeare, a playwright of the 1600 s, has been well known for writing many plays and poems. His play titled The Tragedy of King Lear is remembered globally and is learned in many schools today. A continuous theme in King Lear is a disguise, which consists of many different forms. There are physical, manipulative, and figurative disguises. In the beginning of the play, characters already fall into this category. In the first act, King Lear is at old age andRead More Shakespeares King Lear - Goneril and Cordelia in King Lear953 Words   |  4 Pages The Characters of Goneril and Cordelia in King Learnbsp;nbsp; Nothing makes a story like a good villain, or in this case, good villainess. They are the people we love to hate and yearn to watch burn. Goneril, of Shakespeare’s King Lear, is no exception. Her evils flamed from the very beginning of the play with her lack of sincerity in professing her love for her father: Sir, I love you more than word can wield the matter; Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty; Beyond what can be valuedRead MoreThe Tragedy Of King Lear Essay1745 Words   |  7 PagesIn William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of King Lear, human suffering is exploited through exploring social destruction caused by love, lust, and loss. King Lear’s kingdom is broken down through the excess of love and hate. Behaviors resulting from such emotions becomes tragic flaws for the characters within the play, as the need for approval disrupts all natural social order, which is then represented by the natural world. The natural world and nature of society become intertwined as the plotRead MoreThe Villains of King Lear2097 Words   |  9 PagesThe Villains of King Lear â€Å"A villain must be a thing of power, handled with delicacy and grace. He must be wicked enough to excite our aversion, strong enough to arouse our fear, human enough to awaken some transient gleam of sympathy. We must triumph in his downfall, yet not barbarously nor with contempt, and the close of his career must be in harmony with all its previous development.† -Agnes Repplier What makes a villain a villain? Some people might say that it is maniacal laughter and aRead MoreEssay on King Lear949 Words   |  4 Pages King Lear Summary nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The play, â€Å"King Lear† by William Shakespeare, starts with noblemen Kent and Gloucester having a conversation and the audience finds out that Gloucester has two sons. Edgar who is his heir, and Edmund his unimportant son. This info. leads to the mini-plot. Then, Lear enters to say that he is going to end his life’s tasks and problems. He then points to the map, he tells the people there that he will split his land into three parts. They are goingRead MoreBlindness-King Lear1809 Words   |  8 PagesIt seems ironic that both the oldest characters, Gloucester and Lear, who are blind either metaphorically or physically. They both exemplify that wisdom does not always come with old age. The parallel characters are very important to each other, Lear who is blinded metaphorically, and Gloucester who is physically blinded. Both characters undergo radical changes and their once sightless decisions become regrettable actions. They are unable to see people for who they truly are; thus their tragedy isRead More Shakespeares King Lear - Suffering of Cordelia in King Lear1507 Words   |  7 Pagestragedy of Shakespeare’s King Lear is made far more tragic and painful by the presence and suffering of the kings youngest daughter, Cordelia. While our sympathy for the king is somewhat restrained by his brutal cruelty towards others, there is nothing to dampen our emotional response to Cordelias suffering. Nothing, that is, at first glance. Harley Granville-Barker justifies her irreconcilable fate thus: the tragic truth about life to the Shakespeare that wrote King Lear... includes its capriciousRead More plotlear King Lear Essays: Importance of the Parallel Plot in King Lear810 Words   |  4 Pages Importance of the Parallel Plot in King Lear nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Literature can be expressed using many different techniques and styles of writing, some very effective and others not as much.nbsp;nbsp; One of the methods chosen by many is the use of so called parallel plots. Parallel plots, or sometimes referred to as minor, give the opportunity of experiencing a secondary storyline going along with the main plot that otherwise would be unmentioned.nbsp;

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Climate Change Has Changed Our Ecosystem - 792 Words

Climate Change depleted Water Resources and resulted in a shortage of access to water in some areas of the world Maryam Yaqoob Water makes up about 60% of human body weight and constitute about 70% of the earth. Nonetheless, the demands on water greatly exceed the supply and soon enough the world will run into serious problems. Since the industrial revolution, human footprint has increased exponentially. Population explosion and the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emission have affected our whole ecosystem. The world is already witnessing the devastating effects of climate change. Climate change has had a great impact on quality and the quantity of water resources. Climate Change has resulted in desertification, decrease in†¦show more content†¦Nonetheless, desertification is not the only phenomena affecting land degradation. Deforestation, a phenomenon where forests are destroyed (Edwards, 2005). Nonetheless, the process of deforestation is partially due to Climate change, humans has cut down trees and contribute to the deforestation. It is arguable that that deforestation has led to lands becoming vulnerable to desertification (Edwards, 2005). This is prevalent especially in places where the land is exposed to high temperatures and prolonged direct sun exposure. Based on these evidences, climate change has resulted in a drought and shortage of water supply in some regions of the world (Edwards, 2005). Although it might seem that Global warming has resulted in an abundance of water supply as the result of excessive precipitation and floods in some areas of the world. Nonetheless, large sections of the world are under the risk of having a shortage in fresh water supply. The average snowfall has decreased in many areas of the world (Paul A O Gorman, 2014). Fluctuations in rainfall and snowfall cycles disrupt the availability of water for irrigation (Frederick Major, 1997). Decreased snowfall results in decreased snowmelt in the subsequent summer, which results in a decrease in the content of the water stream. Some fresh water rivers acquire their stream from mountain snowmelt. The fluctuation in precipitations and flooding makes it harder to exploit these resources. Dooms and water reservoirs operate on

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The Study of Human Resource Recruiting and Selection Free Essays

The recruit and selects is human resources management foundation work, it is the enterprise recruits talented person’s main way. This research intends to compare the human resource planning when carrying out recruitment and selection activities within an organization, as well as the issues of managerial shifts. The purpose of this research is to provide the relationship between the recruitment and selection, no matter it is in traditional firms or high technique company. We will write a custom essay sample on The Study of Human Resource Recruiting and Selection or any similar topic only for you Order Now In addition, some related issues will be addressed to analyze the relationship among variables in the viewpoints of strategic human resource. The aspects of recruiting and selection consistent recruiting methods, the recruiting effectiveness, besides it know how, the supporting staff is more appropriate to be sent outbound of he is more accommodating to the environment. Recruitment and Selection Recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of qualified applicants from which candidates for job vacancies can be selected. And selection is the linking of selection activities to he organisation’s strategic business objectives and culture. At the first of recruits procedure is human resource planning, make a planning of recruitment involve times, jobs and number of people. The second is recruitment, to acquaintance the market, accepts the application. Then is selecting include preliminary interview, interview and other test, after all of these, the company may consider to make a decision about employ and send a message. At last we should make an evaluation about the programmed decision and efficiency. Recruits and selects contains separately in the human resources plan, takes two important components. ? Recruitment In the recruitment industry there are essentially four ways of recruit new employees. First method: utilization of employment agencies. Which serve as a central location for employers and employees to meet. In an employment agency, one application for employment can be considered for numerous positions with various companies. Second method: recruitment websites. Serve as a virtual employment agency and function in essentially the same way. Recruitment websites have a broader range, however, since prospective employers and employees can be located anywhere in the world. Third method: headhunting Involves the active search for exceptionally skilled, talented individuals for professional and executive recruitment. The â€Å"headhunter† travels anywhere that the potential employee benefits package that is difficult to refuse. Fourth method: in-house recruitment Involves the promotion of employees from lower-wage jobs to higher ones within the same company. Also, in-house recruitment may include the posting of bulletins on lunch room bulletin boards, narrowing the job search to current employees or their families and friends. ? Selection Making the wrong hiring choices is costly and time consuming for organizations of all sizes. An effective way for businesses to identify the best candidates for a position is through a structured, job focused interviewing process, where interviewers have effective interviewing skills and understand the legal aspects of employment practices. For example, the strategy of managerial talent the TCL selects. ? Clear about managerial talent’s quality and ability request: Along with TCL enterprise group’s growing strong, is getting higher and higher to all levels of managerial talent’s quality and ability request. he final goal, is adapts the high strength market competition, the acceleration and the international market trail connection, thus causes the enterprise to advance to the internationalization. The excavation wisdom, the multi-skill, the highly effective outstanding person managerial talent becomes most important. TCL proposed that , to be a qualified administ rative personnel should have the following quality: 1. Specialized quality: Does is faces the world, face future superintendent, must have the high ideological awareness, with good occupational ethics. Has the intense historical mission and the sacrificing spirit, approves the enterprise culture highly 2. Policy-making quality: The decision-making materially is to achieve the organization goal, correct analysis, effective action process. Participates in the critical moment decisive function which in the enterprise competes and grows strong 3. Leadership quality: The leadership is one should say that rallies together to achieve the organization goal the behavior. The outstanding leader has the very strong influence and the rallying point. Has the high prestige in the populace. 4. Intelligence quality: The intelligence is refers to the people to know the objective things, and using understanding actual problem ability. To the administrative personnels, the intelligence quality is engaged in the leadership work the precondition. The administrative personnels pay great attention to strengthen the self-development consciousness, improves own intelligence quality. Thus, can better deal with the market competition. 5. Innovation quality: The superintendent is the enterprise innovative activities initiator. Enterprise innovation including mentality innovation, knowledge renewal and so on. The innovation is the modern competition win sharp weapon. Therefore, the modern enterprise policy-makers should have the very strong innovation ability ? Grasps the science efficient path to select managerial talent 1. Democracy recommendation: The democracy recommendation chooses only then the beginning, it indicates the people to the above-mentioned person to be possible the receptivity. In order to manifest chooses only then the objectivity, fairness, integrity. Therefore, the democracy recommendation throughout chooses only then one of essential methods. 2. Achievement inspection: The working ability determination’s most practical method is manifests through the achievement. Usually inspects its work thought to be correct or not, the method of work is whether scientific, working efficiency height. This achievement inspection way, becomes the modern human affairs science inspection the new system. Human resource planning. A human resource plan is a systematic process of matching the interests, skills and talents of individual community members with the long-term goals and economic opportunities in the community. Like all activities, creating a human resource plan needs to involve the relevant community sectors, so that their participation and input will lead to strong community support. A very real need to see results makes planning seem wasteful of time, diverting efforts from doing. Impatience with planning is always a challenge. Public expectations may be unrealistic, looking for jobs as an immediate outcome. Careful assessment may turn up more human resource development needs than the projected or existing resources and funding can handle, and this may require excruciating choices. Conclusion Recruitment and selects has two meanings; first, recruitment with selects is the enterprise obtains the human resources the method; second, recruitment with selects means that chooses the most appropriate staff. Realizes the person hillock match, matches personally with the team, matches personally with the organization. How is the employment recruit work quality to the enterprise the influence often long-term, even decisive. Formulate exterior personnel replacement plan goal is has the plan to buy in the personnel to supplement in the future the vacant job. The exterior personnel replacement plan is not only plans simply needs to introduce any personnel, but also to introduce how many personnel. And must coordinate to work out a series of plans to guarantee that can incur to the appropriate human resources. According to the plan step and the content, may divide into again the exterior personnel replacement plan two sub-plans, namely recruits to plan and to select the plan. How to cite The Study of Human Resource Recruiting and Selection, Papers